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In order to remain globally competitive and meet the challenges of today’s ever-changing world, Haydon Kerk continually develops new products and/or product improvements.  Product development and improvement is essential to the success and growth of the Company.

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Friday, February 20, 2009 12:00:00 AM

Linear Rails - LRS Motorized

Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions, a premier manufacturer of linear motion products, offers the Haydon™ Linear Rail Systems (LRS™). These precision linear rail systems consist of a stationary base with a load bearing carriage that travels along a custom-extruded wear resistant aluminum rail. The motorized LRS uses a Haydon size 17 external linear actuator, or for greater performance, an optional size 17 double stack external linear actuator integrated into the slide for a complete single axis positioning system. A non-motorized system can also be ordered with various leads and shaft end configurations that accommodate virtually any source of rotary power. The lead screw is made from 303 stainless steel and coated with Black Ice™ TFE coating.

The LRS carriage design controls side movement with a patent pending self adjusting linear bearing. Integrated "T" slots accommodate full length support and various mounting options. The load easily attaches to the compact moving carriage with four or six screws. Designed to metric engineering standards, the rail provides end to end mechanical stability and precise, repeatable motion. The LRS comes standard with a general purpose nut. For extreme control and precision, the LRS can be built using the optional "CMP" compression style or the "WDG” wedge style anti-backlash nuts. Typical applications include medical, instrumentation, plant automation, CNC equipment, food and beverage automation, packaging and custom machinery.
About HaydonKerk Motion Solutions
Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions is the joining of two world class brands in the field of linear motion; Haydon™ and Kerk®. Together, the company now offers a broad range of precision linear motion products. Recognized as a leading manufacturer of stepper motor based linear actuators, rotary motors, lead screw assemblies, and linear rail and guide systems used in niche market applications, Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions offers high performance with its range of reliable, precision designs. Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions has developed industry-renowned brands built upon its technical innovation, versatility, customization, product durability, and dedicated customer service. For more information, please visit our website at