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In order to remain globally competitive and meet the challenges of today’s ever-changing world, Haydon Kerk continually develops new products and/or product improvements.  Product development and improvement is essential to the success and growth of the Company.

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Friday, April 05, 2013 12:00:00 AM
Haydon Kerk Introduces BGS06 Linear Rail with Integrated IDEA Drive

Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions, a brand of AMETEK Precision Motion Control, has introduced the latest addition to its new BGS (Ball Guide Screw) linear rail product line.  The BGS06 linear rail with the integrated IDEA Drive is a versatile system utilizing the popular size 17 single stack or double stack stepper motor linear actuator with an integrated and fully programmable stepper motor controller. 

All Haydon Kerk BGS rail systems utilize linear stepper motors and precision rolled 303 stainless steel lead screws.  Lead screws are coated using Black Ice® TFE coating providing a wear-resistant and maintenance-free dry lubrication.  The lead screw drives a precision nut embedded in a machined aluminum carriage mounted to a stainless steel ball rail.  The result is a rigid, smooth operating motion system.  The BGS06 with the integrated IDEA Drive is available with the following standard features…


Stepper Motor Sizes: size 17 single or double stack

Max Stroke Length: 24-in (610mm)

Max Horizontal Load: 135 lb (600N)

Moment Load Capabilities

Roll: 11.62 lb-ft (15.75 Nm)

Pitch: 7.93 lb-ft (10.75 Nm)

Yaw: 9.15 lb-ft (12.40 Nm)

Integrated IDEA Drive System

Easy-To-Use Graphic User Interface (GUI)

RoHS Compliant

Interactive Program “Debug” Feature

Input Voltage Range: 12-48VDC

Max Current: 2.6A RMS

Current Boost Capability: up to 30% during ramping

Communication: USB or RS-485

Digital Inputs/Outputs: 4/4

Ramping: Trapeziodal

 By combining core technologies into a preassembled unit, Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions is able to improve system integration for the equipment OEM or end user.  The overall integration cost to the customer is dramatically decreased by offering a complete solution that combines motor, lead screw, load support, and programmable drive into a single system.

A cornerstone of the Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions advantage is design and manufacturing flexibility.  The BGS Linear Rail Systems can be further customized to better suit a customers’ unique design.  This includes, but is not limited to, custom wire harnesses, load carriages, and mounting configurations.  For more information, contact Haydon Kerk engineering at 203-756-7441.