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Kerk custom acme lead screw nuts can be molded and machined to application-specific requirements.  Contact Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions for more information. CUSTOM LEAD SCREW NUT DESIGNS

In addition to The Kerk® standard nut types, modified and complete custom configurations represent a large portion of the company’s production. Modifications may be simple changes such as different mounting hole patterns or mounting threads, small dimensional changes, or special materials. Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions can provide tremendous value by producing a multi-functional acme nut. Using custom molds and specialty machining, nuts can also include guide bushings, carriages, timing pulleys, gears, syringe components, sensor mounts and flags, encoder features, clamps and many other complimentary elements. In addition, custom designed nuts can offer quick release mounts, partial thread engagement, half nut construction or special shapes and geometries. Special materials are offered to extend the performance of our assemblies. Materials can be chosen for extreme temperature, chemical compatibility, autoclaving, agency approvals, special loadings and many other specific requirements.

Kerk custom nuts can be manufacured from a variety of engineered materials and are used in diverse applications